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New - Introducing "Timbergrillers"
Hardwood grilling planks

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Now Open - Timber Grower Treasures at 245 S Winsted St in Spring Green

Full Value Forestry Tours - Sept 12 & Oct 10 - 2015

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Timbergreen Farm - the Birkemeier Family  The Way To Manage The Forest

Before and After Photos - New Walnut, Cherry, Elm Floor installed Oct, 2013

Timbergreen and Tapajos - our Visit to Brazil   Tropical Woods from the Grower

Salvaging the Spring Green Village Office Birch Tree

New video - Use City Trees to Grow Good Jobs

New Video - Timbergreen Farm Story of Sustainability

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From our forest to your home
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Connecting the wood producer and the customer

Natural Custom Blended Hardwood Flooring  
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Arts and Crafts in our Timber Growers Store
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Timber Growers is a Retailer and Producer of Wisconsin Urban Wood


New Video of our Laser Cutting Wood    New - Serving Trays and TV Tables

Our Products from Ecuador - Kallari!           White Oak Wood Decking

New Jobs from Old Logs in the Amazon       New Jobs from Old Logs - Video

Carlos and Roxana Visit Spring Green         Maple Slab Wood Counter Top

Our wood is dried in our unique Solar Cycle Kilns
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2015 Earth Day Awards

Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council -
Most Sustainable Product by a Small Business



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New Jobs From Old Logs.blogspot 

Opportunities for using salvaged trees in Madison and Milwaukee   Breezee Cherry Tree

New Jobs from Dead Trees in the City      Grab Globalization - Take Control of Your World!

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Timbergreeen Farm wins First Place for 2014 - WoodMizer Sawmills Best Business Awards


Timbergreeen Farm wins First Place for 2014 - WoodMizer Sawmills Best Business Awards!

http://www.woodmizer.com/wmway/wmway94/   page 14 has Chase’s story.


Timbergreen Farm Wins Wisconsin Small Family Business of the Year - 2012

Short Story on the Award   The Lorax Loves Timbergreen Farm



Sawmilling is fun!  Kathy Bastin slabs up a huge maple log

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