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Felling a Large White Oak Tree

New - Spring Green Laser Art (in our store!) Real Wisconsin Floors

Kallari Chocolate Bars - See how they are made!      See a Wooden Bowl Hand Carved!

Kallari Hand Crafted Jewelry - See how they are made!    See Sawmilling in Ecuador

Before and After Photos - July 14th 2009    New - Kitchen Cabinets from Local Wood!

New - Wooden Stairway Made with our Local Wood!

Spring Green Timber Growers, LLC  June 2010 Report

Sustainable Chicken Coop At Timbergreen Farm


RaeAnn, Carly, and Riley LOVE their new dining room floor.
This floor is a natural reflection of our forest - red oak, white oak, red elm, cherry, walnut and hickory.
"As soon as I saw the boards coming out of the trailer I knew our floor was going to be special. 
It's such a treat to look at the floor and see all the beautiful patterns, colors, and character of the wood. 
It is amazing and truly unique, better than I could have ever imagined it to be.
Thank you again for all of your and Shawn's hard work! 
How fun!" 


All three enjoy the computer in the sun room.
This blend is another part of the farm, adding gray elm to lighten the room.


This "Flourish" was installed in a new floor near Cross Plains  (April 2010)
The walnut was a board from the family's own tree, mixed with our cherry.

Shawn made this cold air return and the hot air vents using our Laser.




Here is a mixed species kitchen table we made for a family - with their own wood.



Kathy and Zach's new floor (more photos)

"Everyone who sees our floor loves it!     And most REALLY LOVE IT!   And so do we! 
Still discovering the many beautiful boards and then again and again. Too many to take in all at once."
Kathy liked us so much, she came to work for us!  (now I'm her boss)



"When people visit our house, they will remember this floor,"  Kelly (and Katherine)
More photos of Kelly's Red Oak and Black Walnut floor



"My new floor matches my calico kittens"  Terri


A 'Grape Arbor' stair railing with a Cherry/Maple/Birch floor

"Just make us a BEAUTIFUL Floor" - Ginger   (photos)
A character floor installed over radiant heating tubes

Dan and Stacy's new wood floor in Madison    (photos)

Custom Blended Wood Countertop  (photos)

Build your own home with Your Wood

Spring Green Fire and EMS Wall of Gratitude  New Project!

Store Hours - 10am to 4pm  Wednesday - Sunday
Please call ahead if you are traveling to Spring Green -
we are busy with installations these days!

Hours at Timbergreen Farm by Appointment - please call!

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Sauk County Zoning Runs into a Buzz Saw at the Birkemeier Farm
Help - My Mom's Defense Fund
Wisconsin's Unknown Gold Mine - Our Timber!
Our Responsibility in This Recession   How Green Is It - Really?? 

UnConventional Wisdom   Spring Green Farmers Market


Mixed Species Flooring Blended for the Customer!
Custom Blended Furnishings for the Home


Red Oak floor for Lynne and Peter Weil, Black Earth  (See more photos)

Books and Video DVDs for the forest owner/woodworker


Custom Blended Flooring - Our Primary Product!


Woodland Waltz - Red Oak, White Oak, Gray Elm, Red Elm


Forest Fantasy - Walnut, Cherry, Birch, Maple

See a Sugar Maple floor we installed for Sucre' Patisserie
on the Capitol Square

Kitchen Cabinets and Wooden Countertops


Unique Gifts:
Ecuadoran Gourmet Chocolate Bars - $3 each
Eating this chocolate will actually help save the Amazon rainforest!! Really!
Hand made jewelry and crafts from Kallari Cooperative

Wooden Pens by Sam Greene and Shawn Olmstead and Andy Kurek
Everyone would love a hand-made wooden writing instrument





Where are they now???  
The Baird Family from NC visited Timbergreen Farm several years ago.
They now operate "Treehugger Wood Floors" - see photos


We have wood pieces in the store - and 30,000 board feet of lumber at Timbergreen Farm

Using Local Wood Demo Slide Show

Sauk County Zoning Runs into Buzz Saw at Timbergreen Farm

UnConventional Wisdom

Why We Need Timber Growers Today

Forestry - The Way It SHOULD Be!

Full Vigor Forestry Book and DVD Series

A new Timber Market - Industrial Logging vs Full Vigor Forestry

Why The Call it White Pine

The High Cost of Cheap Gasoline


Timber Growers is an extension of Timbergreen Forestry

Jim Birkemeier - forest owner
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Spring Green, WI 53588
Jim@Timbergrowers.com - email

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Forestry - The Way It SHOULD Be!

Unconventional Wisdom

If you want CHEAP - Buy CHINESE manufactured wood products

If You Want VALUE - Buy from the VALLEY!
Solid, Natural, Local wood products.

Why They Call it White Pine

New Video - Timber Framing

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Spring Green Fire Department - Pretsch Shed Fire

Spring Green Fire Department - Big Hollow Practice Fire