Wisconsin Urban Wood


Across Southern Wisconsin, thousands of trees are cut every day along our streets, in our yards, and in our Urban forests.  Not only is most of the good wood pretty much wasted, there are high costs to us all for disposing of the wood.  Most of the wood products we buy in our stores and online - is imported from another country.

A group of local small businesses has joined a national movement to utilize much of the good wood from dead and dying trees from our Urban forests, creating many new jobs, and building the local economy by marketing natural, solid, and beautiful wood products.  Wisconsin Urban Wood is now formed and growing, offering a brand of wood products that uses salvaged logs that were not cut for a commercial logging operation of a natural forest. 

If a thousand trees were used to make needed wood products in S Wisconsin every day, about 10 acres of tropical rainforest would not be clear cut every week, and the demand for illegally logged timber would drop significantly.

About half of the trees are poor form & quality and half of the good trees are branches.  This wood is best suited for biofuel.   Some of this is already used for firewood, but many parts of the world now use wood to produce clean and carbon neutral energy.  Wisconsin is in the dark ages of using wood for biofuel in a crude manner, but modern, efficient, and clean systems are readily available in the world market today.  We could and should do a better job of salvaging our wood waste for fuel in Wisconsin!  All agricultural “waste” should be seen as clean and renewable and abundant energy available to our state.

Spring Green Timber Growers is a Retailer and Producer of Wisconsin Urban Wood