Spring Green Village Hall Birch Tree Salvaged for Good Use


The paper birch tree in front of the Village office and Police Department has been infested with the Bronze Birch Borer.  Over half the tree tops had been killed already, there is zero chance of recovery, and the dead tree tops are now a hazard - falling onto the sidewalks.   Jim Birkemeier felled the trees with the help of Joe Bindl, Rick Ferguson and Stan Feiner.



The larger stem that was leaning over the buildings showed the insect invasion and ensuing rott extended all the way into the ground. 


Six small logs plus some limb wood was salvaged.


Here are the boards from the middle size butt log. A Total of 35 boards were sawn from the logs.  None of the logs was large enough or straight enough to be considered a commercial sawlog.  Timbergreen Farm's WoodMizer sawmill and their solar heated lumber kilns are in the background.


While the rott and black insect holes are considered waste in the timber industry, Spring Green Timber Growers prizes this type of character and will feature it in products to be manufactured and sold for this year's Christmas presents.



The birch planques were stacked in a Solar Heated Lumber Kiln for drying.  The yellow nylon straps hold the wood flat as it dries.  The lumber will be available in about one month for use as flooring, cheese boards, award plaques, or thin laser cut Christmas gifts and ornaments.

Spring Green Timber Growers will be able to take this dying and rotting tree and sell several thousands of dollars of Christmas products, putting local people to work! Jim Birkemeier is working with groups in Milwaukee, Madison, and other municipalities to encourage the use of trees that must be cut in the urban forest.  Way Less than one percent of urban timber is used for high value products in Southern Wisconsin - the rest is split for firewood, chipped for mulch, or thrown in the landfill.  Yet most of the wood and paper products that people choose to buy in the big corporation stores in Madison and Milwaukee was imported from another country. 

We export our money and jobs with our purchases, then we complain.....   and the candidates promise more fantasies...

This is Real - Right Here - Every Day - Right Around Us. This is our repeated vote that really counts.

Choose As Local As Possible, from As Small A Business As Possible, As Hand Made As Possible.....

Buy The Best Value For The Future Of The Planet -That is the real Hope and Power.

One good job could be created for every 50 city trees salvaged in one year following their business system.