We are all Responsible for this Recession

Better Not Blame BP - or Obama

Barack Obama just gave an impressive and blunt speech on our economic situation (January 8th 2009).  The one thing he said that I disagree with is the idea that Government must fix this – Only Government can fix this.

Government should do what it can to serve the people well, and I wish Obama my best - to lead in the ways he can as President.

But we should all do everything we can to reverse the recession and build our nation’s economy.  We can’t just do nothing and wait for a miracle, we are all responsible here.

The credit crunch is out of my way of life and experience.  I have no debt, I pay for things with money, and live within my own means.   If people need loans, both sides of the transactions need to be responsible to insure completion of the contracts.  We should let this play out in the market with no buy-outs, or it will all happen again. 

As a businessman, I choose to buy American products and support our nation’s economy, as much as possible in the now global economy.

As a consumer, I choose to buy American products and support our nation’s economy, as much as possible in the now global economy.  By supporting American companies that still manufacture goods here in the U.S., we keep our money at home and stop the exporting of our jobs and money.

Buy Local often means pay a lot more.  We need to balance buy local and buy quality and buy smart.  When I sell flooring, I want to be at a reasonable market price.  According to our customers, our prices are actually lower than most stores.  In this recession, I'm more sensitive to price, to stay competitive.

The news media reported that most Americans took their last economic stimulus check, and spent it on cheap imported stuff in the Big Box Stores.  The same thing happened this Christmas season, people chose to spend their money on cheap foreign manufactured stuff – boosting the big box corporations and Far East countries and choosing not to support American jobs and companies.

Another government stimulus payment that will build up the Big Box Stores and their foreign suppliers will not fix our economy – it will just export more of our taxpayers money and leave us with a huge deficit in our treasury.   Our Leaders should guide people to make smart decisions on using this money.

 We need to be discriminating, SMART – Consumers.  We need to choose to vote for our nation’s future with every purchase that we make.  We need to realize that if we buy something made in China that is cheap and will soon end up in the local landfill, that we have ourselves helped cause this recession.  Our purchasing power has an instant effect and is many times greater than anything the government could ever do. 

We need leaders that show the way for everyone, not try to be the superhero and do it all themselves.  Our President, Governors, and other leaders should encourage everyone to support American jobs with their purchasing power, and to keep our money home in our economy.  

We all need to choose to be a smart -responsible consumers, and help change the world!  If we would work together, we could change the global markets very quickly.


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