Inlased Solid Wood Doors from Timbergreen Farm

We now combine state of the art laser cutting technology and cutting edge graphic design
with one of the oldest woodworking techniques - to inlay our home grown thick solid wood
into personalized works of art to customize your home.



Any Theme, Verse, Vision.... can be designed and manufactured to personalize your home.


Inlased Wood Interior Door options
Size of door     30”    32”     34”   36” width       80” tall
Species Mix – Dark   Medium  Light   High-Contrast
Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Birch, Elm, Aspen, Linden, Pine, Ash, Locust, Red Cedar
Width of stile and rails     3.5”   4.5”  5.5”
Thickness of stiles and rails     1 ½”   1 ¾”    2”
Inlased one side    Inlased both sides
Number of panels    4     6     
Upper rail     Lower Rail    Short  center Rails
Handle Stile     Hinge Stile     Center Stile
Words – Horizontal     10 characters/foot    20 characters upper rail    10 characters Center Rail
Words - Vertical    5 characters/foot               $30/foot
Artwork – Stile - $100 Rails - $50    Tall Panel   $50     Short Panel  $30
Price Range - $1,000 to $4,000

Custom Built Solid Wood Doors



Price Range - $500 to $1,000

Kitchen Cabinets

We can do Inlased wood for any of the parts of cabinet doors and frames, as well as laser engrave.

Inlased Wood Cabinet Door Options
Width and Height     
Width of Stile and Rails    2.5”   3.5”
Flush or inset (size of opening)
Species Mix   Light    Medium  Dark    High-Contrast
Inlased One Side     Inlased Two Sides
Upper rail     Lower Rail    
Handle Stile     Hinge Stile     
 – Horizontal     10 characters/foot    $30/foot
Vertical    5 characters/foot               $30/foot
Artwork – Rails - $30each    Tall Panel   $50each     Short Panel  $30each
Price Range - $250 to $800/door

Drawer Fronts
Width and height
Artwork and Words
 - $2 per square inch for Inlased
$1 per square inch engraved or cut-outs
Price Range  - $80 to $400 per front  

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