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Our Mission:  Promote the use of locally grown and manufactured forest products.
Our Methods:  We practice Full Vigor Forestry (click for a summary)

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A new Timber market is being established around the world - private Timber Growers are now promoting the the use of locally grown and manufactured forest products.  The key to their success, is Direct-marketing of their annual timber crops - as high value wood products - to customers in their community.

This is just in time, as the traditional timber industry in the U.S.A. is crumbling away and heading south.

There are about 100,000 small sawmills on this continent - plenty of power to help re-energize our communities after the taking and taking of the past 100 years by big corporations. Small business is a new hope.  Wood is the perfect Fuel for small business.  Join us!

A new Video presentation, showing 9 small businesses in the U.S.A. and Canada - "Leaping the Logjam" tells the story of this new locally based movement.  Its really not anything new, just people working in their local community to help each other.  Click here for more information at 

One of the businesses in Leaping the Logjam is Timbergreen Farm in Spring Green, WI.  They are currently expanding their family owned, Forest to Finished Flooring businesses to include a dozen friends & neighbors.  A new retail store in downtown Spring Green is the focus of spreading the word on Full Vigor Forestry and Arthroscopic Logging. 

Check Out the new Spring Green Timber Growers LLC