Better Not Blame BP or Obama

Every one of us who drives a car, flips the switch at night for our lights and heat, flies in an airplane.....  
is RESPONSIBLE for the Big Spill.
We demand unlimited cheap energy, gasoline & electricity - and BP (and the other big corporations) and the Government -
work to supply our gluttony. 

We All Knew The RISKS.
   We all accept the human lives and environmental disasters as a cost of doing business.
   BP must compete with global energy corporations, they are all about the same.

Soon, this spill will fade from our attention as some new crisis develops somewhere else.
     Will we speed on again, until the next disaster happens.

BUT - We Will ALL pay the costs of this spill in many many ways – for years to come.

There is a Very High Cost to Cheap Gasoline!

An Alternative
Reduce our Use of Oil and Gas.
   Don’t encourage the industry to take risks to meet our wants.

Use Local, Regional, and Renewable Energy Resources.
    Reduce our dependency on the Big Energy Corporations.
    Bio Fuels have never looked so good!
    Recycle our waste into energy.
    Reduce our wasteful and selfish ways – live reasonably in the global economy

Don’t Blame the Big Corporationsthey are what they are and do what they do.
We choose to feed the ‘Monsters’.    Dance with the Devil and You will get Burned!  
Every single purchase we make is a direct vote to support the company we buy from.
This provides instant feedback – We have instant impact – We are in control!
Don’t be fooled.

Money is Power. 
Every Thing is driven and controlled by our purchases – Corporations and Governments.

We Are In Control
      We Are All Responsible
             We Are All In This Together

Better Not Blame BP

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