Before and After
Custom Blended Flooring from Timbergreen Farm

Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Red Elm

This is the 10th floor we have installed in this home over the past 8 years. Before.....

Walnut, Cherry and Red Elm to create a darker and richer floor

Here is the top of the stairs -Before!

With the new wood installed and sealed - the final brighter appearance will show after the varnish coats.

Top steps, Before....

Each piece is custom made and trimmed and installed - One Step at a Time!

Stairs, Before....


This is all salvaged wood that died naturally on our farm from disease and windstorms.
This is about the amount of wood we grow in one summer on each of our 200 acres of forest here at Timbergreen Farm,
on the average - about the wood from one mature tree....
and it earned us about $4,000.
The work is good exercise and is very satisfying and will last the life of this home.

We will be showing all steps of this business system at our Full Value Forestry Tours on November 1&2, 2013